Operating from the Gimli Unitarian Church located at 76 2nd Avenue in Gimli Manitoba, A-Spire Players is one of only a handful of the performing arts groups in Manitoba to have year-round access to a theatre, with our own sound, lights, stage and storage.

The Gimli Unitarian Church (1904–05) was the first church built after four of Manitoba’s Icelandic congregations seceded from the Lutheran Synod.

This structure became the Mother Church of the Unitarian movement in Western Canada, as well as an institution of central importance to the Icelandic community. The building expresses this religious development in a direct and functional manner through its basic plan, wooden construction, modest Gothic Revival detailing and simple, yet elegant tower.

The interior of the church has been tailored to meet the requirements of Aspire Players including a stage, backstage, lighting, sound, air- conditioned, theatre seating for eighty. 

The building has been designated as a Municipal Heritage Site and continues to be used by the Unitarian Church for services on Sundays during the summers.


Home of A-Spire Players     76 2nd Avenue, Gimli MB     (204) 642-8079      info@aspireplayers.ca