Unlike other theatre groups, our facilities are relatively small.  So as opposed to our board developing large productions for everyone to participate in, our in-house theatre performances are actually organized and run by smaller individual groups from within our membership. 
Any group of our members may request and start putting together a production; it's the inner strength of our organization.  We don't have just one director, we can have many at one time; and the same goes for all positions.
Once confirmed by our Board of Directors each group is then offered additional supports to assist them with their presentation, including:

  • Free use of our facilities, sound & lighting equipment, props and costumes
  • Funding to pay for production expenses
  • Advertising
  • Tickets & Ticket sales
  • Insurance coverage
  • Technical & other advice and assistance
 If you have an idea for a production and think you have the capability to pull it together, we'd like to hear from you.  If you're interested in participating with a group, we have groups looking for help and new groups starting, all the time.  Interested more in the technical side like sound, lighting, sets and props?  We'll train you.  Not sure what you'd like to do?  We'll let you find out!

We have roles and parts suitable to everyone.

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