As a member, you get:

  • Invitation and access to participate in all of our activities
  • Free tickets to selected performances and functions
  • Additional insurance coverage while at A-Spire Players activities
  • The opportunity to participate in standing and/or ad hoc committees
  • The right, upon agreement of the Chair, to present a petition to the membership or board of directors
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings
  • The chance to obtain self-fulfillment through self-expression and development
  • To support performing arts in your community
  • Our current annual membership fees are $15 for adults and $3 for youth under 18 years old.
  • Annual memberships may be deposited to A-Spire Players at any branch of Noventis Credit Union.
  • Annual Memberships expire each year as of September 30th except where the membership has been paid in full within the previous 60 days
  • For rehearsals only, new or returning members have up to one month as a trial period, before they must pay their membership.
  • Memberships must be paid in full prior to: 
    • participating in any presentations, productions and training courses, seminars or sessions;
    • receiving any financial benefits including free or discounted tickets;
    • voting at the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting; or
    • continuing rehearsals beyond a one month trial period.


Home of A-Spire Players     76 2nd Avenue, Gimli MB     (204) 642-8079